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Taras Chernov
Taras Chernov


The four candidates appearing as themselves are Ian Cauble, Brian McClintic, Dustin Wilson and DLynn Proctor. In addition to friends and family members, several notable sommeliers are interviewed, including Fred Dame, Peter Neptune, Michael Jordan and Geoff Kruth.[6]


In March 2015, Esquire Network announced that one of its series for the 2015 season would be a TV series with a working title Somm, following six aspiring master sommeliers from New York as they prepare for the Court of Master Sommeliers exam.[18] The show, renamed Uncorked, debuted on November 10, 2015.[4]

I love this place. The selection of wines by the glass always has unique choices. The sommeliers (all of them) are very knowledgeable and they make excellent suggestions. I have tried wines from places in the world I would never have known about without their direction. And all have been worth drinking.

A membership can be adjusted at any time by emailing us at or calling us at 707-307-5550. It would be greatly appreciated if you can provide a reason why you are canceling your membership so we can continue to improve our service.

Passionate sommeliers serve European classics from the finest vintners and bold New World wines, a selection of interesting, rare and refined sakes unprecedented outside of Japan, and champagnes. From breakfast and lunch to dinner and supper, SOMM is ideal for newcomers to the world of wine and sake as well as those looking to experiment in a relaxed setting.

The correlation between the release of the film and a sudden interest in the sommelier profession was easy to see. There was a 20% rise in applicants in 2013 alone (the year after it had been released) and it continued to grow with increasing membership in Guildsomm as a study reference but also the amount of people suddenly claiming to be sommeliers despite never having worked in a restaurant.

All of this was a crushing blow, not because of what was revealed but due to the scope of it. For example, everyone had been hearing rumblings for years about what a sexual predator Geoff Kruth was and yet, nothing was done about it. Matt Stamp (founder of Compline bar) had had sexual relations with two women who he was administering tests to while a Master Sommelier and his biggest punishment was just having to sit out on giving exams for a while. Others had even less punishment and were still allowed to give exams, but not to those they had had relationships with or had made unwanted sexual advances upon. The sommeliers were gods, those gods were men, and if you wanted to get in, you had little choice but to go along with it.

There is, nevertheless, much to be gained from watching Somm: Into the Bottle, vastly more than watching the first film. I assiduously noted the many winemakers interviewed because to a man or woman, each seemed charming and dedicated and intriguing. The movie, at the very least, gets you into the room with them. Unfortunately, just as Wise's interrogation of the sommeliers in the first film rang dead, so too do these. Too short to portraits, too long to be soundbites, there but glimpses of greatness and, of course, bottles full of it, too.

The official Society of Wine Educators' Hospitality Beverage Specialist Exam and Study Guide is included as a supplement to proprietary lectures and interactive tasting exercises provided by our industry leading instructors during each class. This program is perfect for those considering or preparing for beginning to intermediate level sommelier exams and those who want to learn inside secrets of the professionals.

"Based on my experience as a Master Sommelier and helping hundreds of students earn their Certified Sommelier titles," explains Glancy, "there is a clear need to provide a robust overview of the beverage and wine world before delving more deeply into wine regions. There are so many important parallels and common themes across the beverage world. Students should internalize them from the start to serve a client base that is growing more sophisticated by the day. In addition, I have seen too many students in CSW or pursuing sommelier-level education who lacked crucial service and blind tasting skills. From a wine career perspective, they are skills that must be introduced correctly early on."

Somm Essentials provides broad knowledge across multiple beverage categories for students starting out in the food & beverage industry or those looking to polish their skills or broaden their skill base. It is ideal for waiters, bartenders, foodservice managers, tasting room staff, and food writers, as well as those pursuing sommelier and other wine credentials. The class is also great for enthusiasts who want to know more about the beverages they enjoy.

At their most successful moments, the first two SOMM films equated wine with baseball and the wine executives studying for the Master Sommelier exam as batters attempting to hit a home run. Those, for me, were their most compelling moments where viewers could really engage with the somms.

He notes that this film is based, in great part, on him and British wine writer Jancis Robinson, as opposed to sommeliers who are currently working in the wine business. Spurrier adds that the third film does not convey much about the role of somms in the current restaurant business scene, but he does hope that it promotes an overall interest in wine education. He added that he hoped the film would foster a "better understanding of the restaurant and wine business."

He notes that the third film was filmed in four countries over 45 days and covers three of the most knowledgeable wine personalities who have had a major influence on sommeliers and consumers: Spurrier, Robinson and Master Sommelier Fred Dame. A major part of the movie, according to Cauble, is focused on "the art of blind tasting."

Kate Dingwall is a spirits and wine writer by day, and a sommelier by night. Her work has appeared in Wine Enthusiast, Food & Wine, MAXIM Magazine,, InsideHook, Serious Eats, Eater, and VinePair, and a number of other publications, both online and print. A Canadian export, she likes her martinis wet and from Jura. Reach her at .

Sure, you may be helping to create the next great somm for some other wine bar, but make room for sommelier candidates at the bar, blind taste WSETers, and, of course, provide free Champagne for new pins.

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Master Sommelier? Or what that title even means? Last February, I shared a glimpse of the process for passing the Certified Sommelier exam. But now, with the release of SOMM, a film from writer/director Jason Wise, you can see just how intense things can get for the cream-of-the-crop of professional sommeliers.

While we see the four candidates winding themselves up into a veritable mental breakdown, Wise also manages to weave a counterbalance of interview clips from an array of current Master Sommeliers including Peter Neptune, Geoff Kruth and the inimitable Fred Dame who is the only sommelier in the United States to pass the Master exam in one try. (Most candidates have to return 3,4, or more times to pass all three categories.) Clips from the current masters show the great community of mentors new candidates have to lean on in their studies while additional interviews from the supportive and loving significant others of this unbelievably intense group of gentleman help present a well-rounded perspective as well as the relief to viewers that, there really is life after the Master Sommelier exam.

If you can remember, the first Somm film (2012) dives full force into the lives of four sommeliers as they struggle for the title of Master Sommelier. Well, Somm: Into The Bottle is a completely different animal. The documentary goes into everything that was sorely missed in the first film: what is wine?

One of the most notable individuals in American wines is Robert Mondavi and we follow his vision into reality with old footage. A young woman sommelier by the name of Kelli White (an expert on historical California wines) opens a bottle of 1966 Mondavi. 041b061a72




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