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Esteban Hernandez

Carrom Gold: A Desi Adda with Friends on Your Phone or Tablet

Carrom Gold: The Ultimate Disc Pool Game for Everyone

Do you love playing disc pool games? Do you want to experience the thrill of potting pucks and becoming the king of the carrom board? If yes, then you should try out Carrom Gold, the latest and most realistic disc pool game from Moonfrog, the developers of Ludo Club and Teen Patti Gold. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Carrom Gold, including its features, how to play, and why you should play it.

What is Carrom Gold?

Carrom Gold is a realistic new 2021 free disc pool based carrom board game that you can play on your phone or tablet. Carrom is an exciting game that has been played offline for ages. It is known by many names around the world like Karambol, Karembol, Caram, etc. This quick to play disc pool game has the smoothest gameplay and jaw-dropping physics. Whether you call it Karambol, Karembol, Caram, or Carom, its just unlimited fun to play!

carrom gold

Features of Carrom Gold

Carrom Gold comes with many exciting features that make it stand out from other disc pool games. Here are some of them:

Online multiplayer

You can play online carrom with random people around the world and compete with them in different modes. You can also chat with them and send emojis during the game.

Challenge friends

You can invite your friends or create a private carom board and share the code with them. You can also join an existing carom board by entering the code. You can play with your friends anytime, anywhere.

New modes

You can choose from two modes: freestyle or competitive. In freestyle mode, you can play without any rules or restrictions. You can pot any puck you want and score as many points as you can. In competitive mode, you have to follow the carrom rules and pot only your assigned pucks. You also have to pot the queen puck before your opponent to get extra points.

Play offline

If you don't have an internet connection, you can still play carrom with your friends on a single device. You just have to pass the device to your friend after each turn. You can also play against the computer in offline mode.


You can play to win chests that contain different pucks and strikers. You can open the chests to unlock new pucks and strikers that have different designs and attributes. You can also buy chests with coins that you earn from playing games.

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Simple rules

You don't have to worry about learning complex rules to play carrom. The game has easy-to-learn and simple carrom rules that anyone can understand. You just have to aim and shoot the striker to pot the pucks in the holes. You can also use the guide line to help you with your aim.

How to play Carrom Gold?

Playing Carrom Gold is very easy and fun. Here are the basic steps:

Aim and shoot

You have to use your finger to drag and release the striker on the screen. You can adjust the direction and power of your shot by moving your finger. You can also use the guide line to see where your striker will go.

Score points and win coins

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