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Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown

Minecraft Industrial Craft Download 1.1

hey guys, is it possible to add industrialcraft 2 for tekkit 1.6.4? i have tried to donwload the mod and put it in the mods folder, but the came just stops loading, and it jumps back to the technic launcher... anyone who can help me out?

Minecraft Industrial Craft Download 1.1

IndustrialCraft2 Is the largest industrial mod for Minecraft. The list of his potential will take a few days. In addition to the industrial bias in metallurgy, electrical engineering and industry it adds hundreds of new blocks, plants, resources, weapons. Only one with this mod you can create entire towns and factories and fields, as in the modern world.

As you saw, those were just a few of the awesome mods you can find in this incredible pack! This is a modpack that can be great for a solo world, or even a world for you and your friends! Not only do you get to experience all the classic nostalgia that you feel playing vanilla minecraft, but you get a new challenge with new recipes, mobs, and ores. So what are you waiting on? Get started on your FTB Unleashed world today!

The download section is here. I will be posting the zipped folder of minecraft that is fullproof. I will not be posting mod downloads as I will not be seeking permissions from the owner of the mods to do so. I also seek no payment or donation of the type for these downloads. In short I hate adfly links. If you have problems with your client after using this I will help you in every way I can but I offer no real support as I'm not the mod creator. I just threw this together and made sure it worked on my end. The rest is up to you.




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