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Taras Chernov
Taras Chernov

Learn How to Use 2 Stroke Wizard Tuned Pipe Pro V.5 to Improve Your Engine Efficiency and Power Output

If you are going to be welding a lot of pipe together it may be worthwhile to get a work light to hand- the one I have is rechargeable and a lot of welding without it makes the work a real chore. Even if you are not a welder, it's a good idea to get some goggles and a mask to protect the eyes and hands.

download 2 stroke wizard tuned pipe pro v.5

Once you are happy with your weld it's time to cool and anneal- you should see about 2cm per hour of welded metal gain as the pipe is cooling down. Any faster and its likely to crack. I usually leave the pipe to cool for 4-6 hours. Once cooled I use a bench grinder with a fine metal burr to clean up the weld and expose the base metal. When I start to work on my pipes there is a layer of rust on the base of the pipe that needs to be filed off. Once this rust is gone the pipes are primed, brazed, and ready to be painted.

I used standard motorcycle brake pads with some Racing Diecast Metalfil to make the surface of the pipe look shiny. Other people use high heat resistant paint for the same effect but I find that it makes the pipes look to much like the stock pipes. In addition to this I like a matt black finish as shown in Picture 9. When the paint is dry you can apply a protective lacquer to prevent the paint from being scratched.

Now what if the stock pipe is too low to allow you to fit a new muffler and this would also mean a new flywheel? You can either get another stock pipe and bung it in, or get a double tuned and weld it on.

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