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Taras Chernov
Taras Chernov

The Benefits and Features of Trane Kestrel View for Large Chiller Products

What is Trane Kestrel View?

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and secure way to control your large chiller products, you might want to consider Trane Kestrel View. Trane Kestrel View is a proprietary chiller controller technology developed by Trane, a leading manufacturer of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Trane Kestrel View is designed to work with the CH530 chiller control panel, which is embedded in many of the large chillers from Trane. With Trane Kestrel View, you can connect your laptop to the chiller control panel using a special key that plugs into your laptop. This key enables you to access the TechView software, which is a laptop-based tool that allows you to perform various functions such as start-up, commissioning, service, and maintenance tasks.

Trane Kestrel View

Some of the features of Trane Kestrel View are:

  • It provides a secure connection between your laptop and the chiller control panel using encryption and authentication protocols.

  • It allows you to monitor and adjust various parameters such as temperatures, pressures, flows, speeds, levels, alarms, logs, trends, etc.

  • It enables you to perform diagnostic tests, troubleshoot problems, reset faults, update firmware, etc.

  • It supports multiple languages, units of measurement, data formats, etc.

  • It is compatible with various open protocols such as BACnet, Modbus RTU, or LonTalk.

Trane Kestrel View is a powerful tool that can help you optimize the performance and efficiency of your chiller system. However, it is not a tool that anyone can use. It requires proper training and authorization from Trane. Therefore, if you need any service or assistance with your chiller system using Trane Kestrel View, you should contact your local Trane service provider.

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