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Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown

Dr. Cabbie 1080p Full Movies

I appreciated some of what the movie was doing... mostly, the basic premise that there are immigrants with advanced degrees who can't find jobs and are forced to become cabbies. But there is just so much cringe.Dr. Cabbie's entire family was a caricature of an eccentric Indian mother and an eccentric Indian uncle. And the uncle's wife, whew; at least that was a little bit funny. The supporting characters like the new best friend Tony, the landlord, the landlord's daughter, etc. Are also all caricatures.And somehow movies about South Asian immigrants always involve them falling in love with a white blonde woman. This movie is no different. At least Adrienne Palicki did a great job and she had some interesting things going on. There is a reason she's the only actor I am mentioning by name in this entire review.The movie is pretty diverse and includes characters from diverse backgrounds, but it also seriously leans into negative stereotypes about these groups, which was SO CRINGE. And finally, it tries to make a heartfelt plea about how Dr. Cabbie is selfless and transcends race and religion and boundaries to treat patients; it made it seem like he emigrated to Canada out of the goodness of his heart, except no, he did that to seek opportunity for himself. If he truly cared about helping the needy, he was more needed in India than in Canada. So, don't give us that BS, movie.

Dr. Cabbie 1080p full movies




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