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Best Enterprise Backup Software

Mastering the virtualization backup industry, Vinchin empowers data protection with simplified management and advanced VM backup and restore features as it always does, which provides 10000+ enterprises from finance, telecom, government, and many other industries in over 60 countries with complete DRaaS services.

best enterprise backup software

Using the Cloud Data Management platform, Rubrik lets users go beyond backup and restore. It gives them a complete set of tools to take full control of their enterprise data by mobilizing applications, analyzing application data, recovering from ransomware, and delivering instant application availability.

Commvault offers a solution that spans the entire enterprise. Its special features include mail backup for Office365, a solution for moving entire sites between clouds, full system imaging, and point-in-time recovery for SQL databases. It provides for end-user self-service data restore, something that relieves IT personnel from assisting in that matter.

With its Spectrum Protect solution, IBM offers a single point of control for all enterprise backup and recovery procedures. It is capable of operating with cloud or physical backup environments of all sizes.

If you need business backup software for your data recovery, you must keep some essential things in mind. While choosing the best enterprise backup software for your device, give importance to the following points.

Veeam Backup & Replication is a consistent product with image-based backups. Its key features include complete protection; it can recover data from all possible scenarios. You can protect your backup data from any malware function or virus through this software.

Rubrik is cloud data management and enterprise backup software provided by Palo Alto-based Rubrik, Inc. It has been a platform that includes backup, instant recovery, search, analytics, submission, and copy data management.

Its main features include universal recovery and backup from many operating systems. It provides its users with recovery verification. It is also helpful in the protection of Business applications. You can do backup to your cloud devices. You can also compress files through this software.

Acronis is the potential help to run businesses efficiently. Businesses are always at the edge of losing essential data. So to keep the company running 24-hours a day, the best backup software is the primary need. And Acronis Cyber Backup can fulfill this need.

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup software and Disaster Recovery Solution are made in Germany. It provides reliable data protection for organizations and enterprises of all sizes. It supports all virtualization platforms, operating systems, databases, and applications on physical computers and virtualized environments.

That is where Enterprise backup software can help you. But, choosing one software out of tons of options is challenging. Therefore, consider its reliability, price, brand, and feature set while looking for an enterprise backup software.

The best and most recommended software is EaseUS Todo Backup. You can download and trust this software because it has excellent user reviews. Also, this software has been award-winning since 2009 due to its essential data backup facility.

Backup software allows users to copy their files, photos, music, and important documents to a device or cloud platform in order to keep them safe.Compare the best Enterprise Backup software currently available using the table below.

Rubrik backup software provides several layers of protection, including continuous recovery points, end-to-end encryption, ransomware protection, and point-in-time-recovery. With this software, you can completely recover a full system and migrate it to any hypervisor or cloud location. And you can perform all activities, from searching application data to automating protection policies, from a single platform.

An effective data protection solution should not only protect business workloads but also minimize management overhead, save you time and resources, and enhance backup performance. NAKIVO Backup & Replication is one of the best enterprise backup solutions around. The software offers an integrated approach to protecting physical, virtual, or cloud environments while simplifying data protection for companies with large infrastructures, ensuring outstanding performance.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication was designed with enterprise customers in mind who value functionality, flexibility, manageability, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Our Enterprise editions include advanced functionality that can ensure integrated protection for your business-critical data and applications at a fraction of the cost of popular enterprise backup solutions.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers multiple data protection and recovery options in a single pane of glass, including backup, backup to cloud, replication, granular or full recovery, failover, failback, and site recovery. NAKIVO Backup & Replication is one of the enterprise backup solutions that work with AWS EC2. Thus, you can protect not only physical (Windows Server) and virtual workloads (VMware, Hyper-V, or Nutanix), but also cloud environments. NAKIVO Backup & Replication has you covered regardless of the technology you choose to deploy in your infrastructure.

As one of the best enterprise backup solutions, NAKIVO Backup & Replication delivers unprecedented backup performance. By leveraging native change tracking technologies (VMware CBT, Hyper-V RCT, Nutanix AHV CRT), the solution can easily identify changed data blocks and send only modified increments to the backup repository. LAN-free data transfer and Network Acceleration can significantly increase backup and replication speed as well as reduce the network load. Additionally, you can create bandwidth throttling rules that can limit the bandwidth consumption for selected data protection jobs or globally.

Our enterprise backup solution offers an advanced Site Recovery functionality, which allows you to automate DR activities across multiple sites. You can address various DR scenarios by creating Site Recovery workflows of any complexity. Moreover, with NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can test and update SR jobs at any time, without experiencing downtime or service disruption in your production environment. The Site Recovery feature was designed to reduce complexity of the disaster recovery process and improve your DR readiness, while saving time, effort, and money.

NovaStor offers the best backup solution for enterprise. Our enterprise data protection software is highly scalable, enterprise grade, server backup and recovery software that securely protects unlimited amounts of data against data loss.With ever-increasing data loads, IT complexity and ongoing threats to the safety of your data, it is essential to partner with a company that can address the specific needs of your IT environment, can grow with the demands of your business, and provide your team with the support they need should disaster strike.NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise was built on a distributed architecture with the ability to handle petabytes of data with high fault tolerances, and built-in failover mechanisms to ensure that your critical data is always restorable.

When it comes to backup speeds, the larger the quantity of data, the sooner weaknesses are revealed with many competing enterprise backup solutions. Where other backup solutions reach their limits, NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise excels. The distributed system architecture allows the central database to achieve a high data throughput and reduces the network load while offering maximum stability.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise linearly scales from hundreds to thousands of servers while remaining easy to manage. Deploying backup jobs on an unlimited number of systems can, for example, be done in a single step. High fault tolerance, failover mechanisms, and comprehensive automation minimize disruption and management overhead for the growing backup and enterprise backup storage environment.

Digital worlds cross national borders and the security of your data must comply with legal requirements and internal guidelines, which your company works locally or globally. NovaStor's enterprise backup software protects data and intellectual properties with Government grade encryption to protect against data loss and unauthorized access.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise supports all storage manufacturers and makes optimal use of the performance of current storage technologies. When backing up to magnetic tape, NovaStor's software combines energy-efficient offline storage with high backup and restore speeds. Licensing and service models permanently reduce backup and archiving costs.

RecommendationsWe review your requirements and make a recommendation on the best solution for your environment. Should you need a product demo or a quote, our backup experts are available to help you with next steps.

Serving more than 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in 145 countries worldwide, Acronis is a global leader in data protection. It offers online backup solutions for individuals, small businesses, enterprises and service providers. Its primary cloud backup service for enterprise users is called Acronis Backup, and it also offers a more robust solution called Acronis Backup Cloud that is designed for services providers. It has won multiple awards and gets very high reviews from analysts and users.

Backblaze has built its reputation on fast, cheap online backup capabilities. It has a very large customer base that includes both consumers and businesses, and it also offers low-cost cloud storage. It has more than 750 PB of data stored on its servers, and it has won several awards. However, this service is just for individual PCs, not for enterprise servers or data stored in the cloud.

For Cohesity, online backup is just one piece of its complete data management platform, which focuses addressing the issues created by mass data fragmentation. It focuses on helping enterprises protect and manage their secondary data that resides in many different locations. Its primary cloud backup service for enterprises is called Cohesity DataProtect, and it also incorporates backup into its Cohesity DataPlatform, which also includes more advanced data management capabilities. 041b061a72




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