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Taras Chernov
Taras Chernov

Dan Hartman Torrent Discography

Review from 1969SL In 1989 I lived,breathed and dreamt about Tina Turner,that's how good she was. Other 1980s pop stars were plastic and manufactured,Turner was real woman,bruised butterfly and brave survivor from 1960s ,not to mention exciting live performer. This album continued huge success that started with "Private Dancer" and though U.S. audience lost interest, Europe welcomed her so enthusiastically that Turner eventually moved there permanently. "Foreign affair" finds 50 year old Turner enjoying her big time - there are Herb Ritts photographs,everything super-polished and professional (several songs she produced herself),music healthy balanced between radio-friendly pop and some effective bluesy numbers (by Tony Joe White,famous author of "Polk salad Annie"),the last ones came as surprise because at this point nobody expected her to go back to blues,but she does it effortlessly. Turner's take on "Undercover agent for the Blues" is stunning,perfect note for note,and it shows how much her singing changed and improved from 1960s. "The Best","Steamy windows" and "I don't wanna lose you" were big hits - that summer her music blasted from every cafe terrace around Europe - though "Look me in the heart" was my favorite. The whole album was masterful showcase for what Tina Turner as artist was about - her blues roots sitting comfortably next to big,ballsy rock anthems she was known and some ballads thrown in for good measure.Of all the albums in her discography,this one sounds the most perfectly planned as a concept.

Dan Hartman Torrent Discography


[img= This is Fleetwood Mac's 1970 release, "Kiln House." Included in this torrent is the album, .m3u playlist file, CUE sheet and an EAC .log file. Files in this release are:1. 01 - This Is The Rock.flac2. 02 - Station Man.flac3. 03 - Blood On The Floor.flac4. 04 - Hi Ho Silver.flac5. 05 - Jewel Eyed Judy.flac6. 06 - Buddy's Song.flac7. 07 - Earl Gray.flac8. 08 - One Together.flac9. 09 - Tell Me All The Things You Do.flac10. 10 - Mission Bell.flac11. Fleetwood Mac - Kiln House.m3u12. Kiln House.CUE13. Kiln

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