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How Q Machinery Provides Quality Service and Maintenance for APK Group's Building Materials Machines

Q Machinery APK Group: Your Trusted Partner for Construction Machinery

If you are looking for a reliable and professional company that can supply you with high-quality construction machinery, you should consider Q Machinery APK Group. Q Machinery APK Group is a leading company in the sale and service of machines for pumping and mixing building materials, such as screed, plaster, and foam concrete. In this article, we will tell you more about what Q Machinery APK Group is, why you should choose them, what benefits they offer, and how to contact them.

What is Q Machinery APK Group?

Q Machinery APK Group is a company that has many years of experience in the construction industry. They are part of the APK Group, a large group of companies that operate in various sectors, such as infrastructure, telecom, energy, water, and building. Q Machinery APK Group specializes in machines for pumping and mixing building materials, and also provides maintenance and service for these machines.

q machinery apk group

A subsidiary of APK Group

Q Machinery APK Group is a subsidiary of APK Group, a group of companies that employs over 1700 people in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. APK Group has a wide range of different areas of expertise at its disposal, such as civil engineering, road construction, cable laying, pipeline construction, fiber optics, renewable energy, water treatment, and more. All of these activities are organized into various business units, which create synergy under the umbrella of APK Group. Q Machinery APK Group is one of these business units, and it benefits from the resources and support of the group.

A specialist in pumping and mixing building materials

Q Machinery APK Group is a specialist in machines for pumping and mixing building materials, such as screed, plaster, and foam concrete. These machines are used for various applications in the construction industry, such as flooring, insulation, renovation, restoration, decoration, and more. Q Machinery APK Group offers a wide range of products and brands to suit different needs and preferences. Some of the brands they work with are Putzmeister, Brinkmann, M-tec, PFT, Turbosol, Utiform, Mixokret, Estrich Boy, G4X, G5C, Duo Mix Plus, M300XSM.

A provider of maintenance and service

Q Machinery APK Group not only sells machines for pumping and mixing building materials but also takes care of the maintenance and service of these machines. They have a team of qualified technicians who can perform repairs, inspections, overhauls, modifications, spare parts delivery, and more. They also offer a 24/7 emergency service for urgent cases. Q Machinery APK Group strives to ensure that their customers' machines are always in optimal condition and ready to use.

Why choose Q Machinery APK Group?

There are many reasons why you should choose Q Machinery APK Group as your partner for construction machinery. Here are some of them:

Quality products and brands

Q Machinery APK Group only works with quality products and brands that have proven their reliability and performance in the market. They select their products based on criteria such as durability, efficiency, safety, and innovation. They also offer a warranty on their products and comply with all the relevant standards and regulations.

Experienced and skilled staff

Q Machinery APK Group has a team of experienced and skilled staff who can assist you with any questions or requests you may have. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of construction machinery and can advise you on the best solutions for your projects. They can also demonstrate and test and train you on how to use the machines properly and safely.

Customer-oriented and flexible approach

Q Machinery APK Group is a customer-oriented company that values your satisfaction and feedback. They listen to your needs and expectations and tailor their services accordingly. They are also flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and requirements. They can handle any project, big or small, simple or complex, and deliver it on time and within budget.

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What are the benefits of Q Machinery APK Group?

By choosing Q Machinery APK Group as your partner for construction machinery, you can enjoy many benefits that will make your work easier and more efficient. Here are some of them:

Competitive prices and financing options

Q Machinery APK Group offers competitive prices for their products and services, without compromising on quality or performance. They also offer various financing options, such as leasing, renting, or buying, to suit your budget and preferences. You can also benefit from their special offers and discounts that they regularly announce on their website and social media channels.

Fast delivery and installation

Q Machinery APK Group has a large stock of machines and spare parts that are ready to be delivered and installed at your site. They have their own fleet of trucks and trailers that can transport the machines safely and quickly. They also have a team of experienced installers who can set up the machines according to your specifications and instructions.

Training and certification by Q Academy

Q Machinery APK Group has its own training center, called Q Academy, where they offer courses and workshops on how to use the machines for pumping and mixing building materials. The courses are taught by certified instructors who have practical experience in the field. The courses cover topics such as safety, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. Upon completion of the courses, you will receive a certificate that proves your competence and skills.

How to contact Q Machinery APK Group?

If you are interested in Q Machinery APK Group's products or services, or if you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact them in several ways:

Online form and email

You can fill out the online form on their website ( with your name, email address, phone number, subject, and message. You can also attach any files or documents that you want to send them. They will reply to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can send them an email directly at

Phone and fax

You can call them at +32 (0) 11 45 32 45 or fax them at +32 (0) 11 45 32 46. Their phone lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Address and opening hours

You can visit them at their headquarters in Hasselt, Belgium. Their address is Industrieweg 15, 3500 Hasselt. Their opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Q Machinery APK Group is a company that you can trust for your construction machinery needs. They offer quality products and brands, experienced and skilled staff, customer-oriented and flexible approach, competitive prices and financing options, fast delivery and installation, training and certification by Q Academy, and more. They are part of the APK Group, a large group of




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